How long does the initial office visit last?
The initial appointment lasts between one and two hours, especially if testing is performed.

Am I required to obtain a referral from my primary care physician?
Each patient is responsible for knowing their insurance plan requirements and for obtaining the appropriate referral(s) prior to their visit, if required. Failure to obtain a proper referral may result in the patient having to reschedule the appointment for a later date.

What should I bring with me on my first visit?

• Name & Address of the Referring Doctor
• List of All Medications That You Are Currently Taking
• All Inhalers & Spacers
• Latest Insurance Card(s)
• Pertinent Medical Records (including X-ray or CAT Scan Reports)
• Previous Allergy Evaluation If within the Past Three Years
• Completed Patient Medical Questionnaire, Patient Information Form, &
  Acknowledgement of Receipt of Privacy Notice, Which Can Be Downloaded
  & Printed from This Site (Otherwise, Arrive 15–30 Minutes before Your Initial
  Appointment so You Can Complete These Forms)

Will I be skin tested the same day as my initial appointment?
In most instances, skin testing is performed during the initial office visit, if indicated. You will meet with Dr. Hwan first to complete a history and physical exam. If testing is performed, allow up to two hours for the initial evaluation, testing and consultation.

What is done during the allergy skin testing?
When you have skin testing done, a small amount of each thing you or your child may be allergic to (allergen) is placed on the skin (usually the forearms or back). The skin is then pricked. After a short time, each skin test reaction is measured for swelling and redness. If there is a large enough skin reaction, it means that you or your child may be allergic to the allergen placed at that site. Dr. Hwan will compare your prick skin test results with your history
of symptoms.

Do I need to stop any medications before my initial appointment?
*See our Medications to Stop before Initial Appointment form.

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